(Topshop silk blazer, vintage slip, Marco Tagliaferri bag, Alexander Wang ‘Zoe’ oxfords, Whyred sunglasses)

Brick Lane was a spot I definitely wanted to make time for – vintage stores interspersed with kinda seedy other stores, people lining up around blocks for non-obvious reasons, dodging cars in a way that reminds you how precious life is (so very!), actively being recruited to eat curry every five feet (sorry, hate the stuff)…all made for a very sensory experience. Luckily I’m pretty nimble in these shoes. I had brought a leather jacket but peeled it off early on..did not expect London to get so warm, it kept on throwing me off. We energized with chai tea, and made our way down. I feel like there’s something interesting to look at every second in London’s alleys and markets and I took photos of odd corners and skyscapes until it was awkward. Came thisclose to buying a giant shaggy jacket before coming to grips with the fact that it wouldn’t even fit in Colin’s suitcase at this point (yes I am the awful type of girlfriend that smashes clothes into others’ luggage). I wore this blush pink silk blazer I’d bought at THE Topshop in Oxford Circus over my most ancient slipdress..tried to counteract the wispiness of it all with my trusty Marco Tagliaferri bag, oversized watch, and the sensible shoes.