(Kate Moss for Topshop dress, Bimba & Lola bag, Isabel Marant suede boots, Michael Kors oversized men’s watch)

I love that my readers have such a keen eye for pieces I’ve worn before, makes me smile. I’ve been in this back to basics mood lately and have been digging up some of the clothes I used to wear to death…this dress is one of the few floral prints in my closet but anyone who owns this little piece of Topshop history will agree that it’s just..perfect. Doesn’t really need much assistance so I wore it with a pair of Isabel Marant boots from a few seasons ago that I managed to track down, a bucket bag that I bought in Madrid last fall, and one of my newer acquisitions, this massive Michael Kors watch that’s about five links lighter after taking it to a repair shop in Los Feliz. I’ve been meaning to buy a gold watch forever now but finally managed to follow through a couple weeks ago, mostly to try to make this Tokyo/Paris/London trip go more smoothly. Not groping about in my bag for my phone to get the time is a real novelty that I’m sure I will forget to appreciate almost immediately. Colin and I are leaving in a few hours for the airport and as usual I’m the sleep deprived loser scrambling around till three in the morning. Seriously though, packing for pretty much the rest of the month is so daunting that it’s starting to feel pointless. The digital luggage scale and it’s mocking beeps became the enemy at about midnight. Wish me luck getting at least an hour and half of sleep right now hah.