En Vogue styled by Mélanie Huynh and Géraldine Saglio

I know I’ve posted this before in the early days of my blog but I was staring at it too long yesterday to not repost it. I have all my favorite magazine scans synced to my iPad so flipping through it makes me feel like I’m re-reading the best magazine in existence. It’s quite fun, and I add to it almost daily. There are many Une Fille, Un Style and En Vogue features throughout, the more ancient the better – for me these have always been the most inspiring parts of Vogue Paris, the most actually wearable. It’s not that I would wear every item pictured but the general feeling of these pieces, with the sense that they could almost be considered generic but have the perfect silhouette or some detailing that sets them apart, I find infinitely fascinating. Perfect casual clothing has this effect on me. I love the plain black skirt, the loose pullovers, the flimsy white dress, the belted denim, the silk petal shorts (saw quite a similar pair at Creatures of Comfort on Melrose yesterday, from their own line)..my go-to mood board for spring.