(Topshop top, vintage slip and hat, Marni Maryjanes, Theory bag)

In Tokyo last week for a really quick trip..Colin and I were so jet lagged that we passed out at 8 o’clock or something the night before..which meant that we woke up before dawn and were out the door before most everything was open. So we killed time and took, like, a lot of photos…I don’t think we’ve ever taken blog photos in the morning before, the light is definitely visibly different. Kinda nice. I wore a top I got in New York at the Soho store (last one!), love the way it ties at the neck and loosely falls all over the place instead of buttoning.

Starbucks is so much better in Tokyo, it’s not fair. Nary a burnt bean to ruin anything. I’m always about to try one of these Sakura (cherry blossom) flavored things but never actually follow through. I keep on thinking they’re going to taste like plant.

Shibuya Crossing..I left the hotel wearing my Zara leather jacket but it was randomly really warm. A rogue spring day judging from what everyone said and how quickly it became horribly cold at night.

Visit to my agency, wearing an H&M suede dress I bought a couple hours before. Perfect fit and I love the slits at the elbows.

The event I flew out for, with Japanese clothing brand OZOC. My friend Elli-Rose and I hung out in store and wore girly things while trying to figure out if we really needed all the security guards they provided for us.

Vintage coat, leftover braids, and one last roam before heading to Milan the next morning.