(Versus dress, Versace pumps)

Well it was definitely a late arrival to Milan fashion week, but today was nonstop nonetheless. Started off with cappuccinos and pain au chocolat at the hotel, then a fitting for the Versus show where I got my pick from the SS11 clashy floral/plaid collection (this is where it starts to become surreal), then off to meet up with Bryan at the Dolce & Gabbana show, then back to the hotel to change into my outfit for the Versus show at 5. And somewhere in there they had managed to take in the dress so that it fit me like a glove. The show was a complete new direction, all black leather and sheaths and mesh and toughness and rubber soled glitter platforms that I documented for future posting at the showroom. Such an honor to get to meet Christopher Kane and Donatella Versace herself backstage, I think I mashed my words together into complete incoherency when I was supposed to be articulating at least a standard greeting to them. Ah well. Thank you to everyone at Versace that I met today!