(vintage shirt and bag, Zara scarf, J Brand Gigi jeans, Jessica Simpson Dany platforms)

Some pattern mixing for a walk across a dark field..uhh or something like that. Blogging is so strange, and not only for allowing the creation of sentences like that gem there. This bag makes everything better…I bought it from a Tibetan vendor last summer at Kobe’s swap meet in San Diego, which is totally hit or miss and therefore quite exciting. And always worth it for the kettle corn and generic Sharpies from Mexico (actually those suck). Would have to take it with me if I ever moved to the desert to live in a patchwork tent with a pygmy goat. The scarf can come along too, since it’s just split in the middle and can now be worn as some sort of a slutty poncho though I’m torn on the sanity levels of this newfound option. Scary stuff.