(Topshop dress, Egoiste necklace, Fiorentini and Baker suede fold over boots)

The only place that it wasn’t pouring last weekend- Palm Springs. Reason enough to drive out, so Colin and I packed up the car (or I took up every inch with shoes and coats I didn’t end up wearing) to stay at the Viceroy for a couple nights. I think around now is the most dead it gets out there, and the empty overcast gloom was creepily awesome juxtaposed against the time capsule of a town. I got this dress from the lovely people at Topshop Shinjuku who gave me free rein to choose three pieces to take home with me. Kid in a candy store experience. This dress (from Kate Moss’ last collection with them, so sad!) resembles a giant necklace/spiderweb and has some pretty good bell sleeves so it checks a lot of boxes for me. Could make a pretty good New Year’s Eve dress too but San Francisco is going to be a lot more unfriendly temperature-wise.

And I swear I can jump higher than that but the creepy mattress was just as sad as it looks…. it had zero give. Nice butterfly print though.