September 20-24, photography by Colin and me

Highlights: the Stolen Girlfriends Club show inside a creepy old theater, breakfast at the Hilton overlooking the water every morning, gigantic faux fur coats layered over dresses layered over pants at Zambesi, a spur of the moment trip to the top of Sky Tower with my dear friend Kris Hauser, hair bones, hijacking an Audi driver to go to Takapuna, velvet and massive corsets at Cybele, spilled champagne, a sheepskin-covered front row and perfect fuzzy sweaters at Ruby, ‘flat white’ coffee, Jimmy D’s chained tshirts and triangle bras, hourly rainbows, and a backstage raid after the Stolen show with Gala to borrow dresses for the afterparty. Much love to Marc, Anna (x2), Isaac, Dan, Luke, their beautiful wives, Liam, Kris, Max, Rachel, Anjali, and Murray.