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coffee stop in north beach

31/12/2010, san francisco, vintage

(Forever21 headband, vintage tshirt and coat, Zara belt, Current Elliott leather pants, Marni platform heels, Whyred sunglasses, LF necklace)

The rest from yesterday. Revolve sent me the leather skinnies and they are actually exactly perfect. I’ve seriously been looking for something like this forever now but had given up the the extra long zipper at the cuff and slight bunching at the knee. Go Current Elliott. Shoes were a Christmas present from my lovely comfortable! And, slightly progressively, not an ankle boot.

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30/12/2010, san francisco, vintage

Lucky day at Wasteland on Haight Street yesterday – I saw this gigantic vintage Mongolian lamb coat hanging high up on the wall behind the cash register and knew I had to try it on. Apparently a lot of people had almost taken it home but I was the one to bite the bullet..I realized the second I put it on there was no way I was leaving without it. Makes me feel invincible-ish and I think I’ve essentially just lost privileges to all excuses to ever be cold again. I’ll post the rest of the outfit when it isn’t 3am.

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three hundred and fifty four days of sunshine a year

28/12/2010, ankle boots, california love, palm springs, topshop

(Topshop dress, Egoiste necklace, Fiorentini and Baker suede fold over boots)

The only place that it wasn’t pouring last weekend- Palm Springs. Reason enough to drive out, so Colin and I packed up the car (or I took up every inch with shoes and coats I didn’t end up wearing) to stay at the Viceroy for a couple nights. I think around now is the most dead it gets out there, and the empty overcast gloom was creepily awesome juxtaposed against the time capsule of a town. I got this dress from the lovely people at Topshop Shinjuku who gave me free rein to choose three pieces to take home with me. Kid in a candy store experience. This dress (from Kate Moss’ last collection with them, so sad!) resembles a giant necklace/spiderweb and has some pretty good bell sleeves so it checks a lot of boxes for me. Could make a pretty good New Year’s Eve dress too but San Francisco is going to be a lot more unfriendly temperature-wise.

And I swear I can jump higher than that but the creepy mattress was just as sad as it looks…. it had zero give. Nice butterfly print though.

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the other city that never sleeps

27/12/2010, photo diary, tokyo

Still stunned by the fact that I ended up going to Tokyo 4 times this year, every time more unbelievable than the last. My two weeks there earlier this month were booked solid to the point that I only had time to see my grandparents once for like an hour, which makes me sound like a complete jerk but I’ll have to make up for that next time. I met so many inspiring people, became an expert at figuring out the most well balanced meal possible via convenience store, saw parts of the countryside around Tokyo I had no idea existed, went through four very different living situations, shot in the middle of the Shibuya kousaten, attended the Mark Styler show with Jessica Michibata, had a meeting with Vogue Nippon, was blinded by the wattage on the trees in Omotesando Hills, fell in love with clothing line Egoiste, converted my sweet manager Noriko into my Japanese teacher, changed my Starbucks order to a ginger vanilla latte, presented at an award ceremony for Japanese fashion bloggers put on by HP, went on a fuzzy sweater rampage at Laforet, dragged my suitcase through the streets to 10+ shoots, admired a tiny monkey in Roppongi for minutes, learned what it feels like to wake up at 3:30 in the morning, attended the opening of the beautiful new Marc Jacobs show in Aoyama, and saw my agency off with a night at Le Baron. Thank you to everyone I met for making the trip so special and I’m sure I’ll be back sooner than later.

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day twenty five

25/12/2010, inspiration

(tfs,, src783)

Merry Christmas!


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