At the beach in Encinitas today wearing a couple of the pieces I designed for Dannijo/Tobi – the Trinity earcuff and the Siamese ring alongside Pamela Love and Iosseliani stone rings. I really wanted to keep these two wearable and simple, with the idea of wearing them in multiples as an option. I’ve been going on about earcuffs for the entire existence of this blog so I was pretty much frothing at the mouth to breathe life into my own ideas. It feigns a triple helix piercing connected by a bar up the center..and it’s just bendable enough to get it on which means it’s secure and so comfortable you forget it’s there. I like how it looks like a series of hammered staples..I’m picturing wearing two or three next time so they go all the way up the ear. The Siamese ring was based on the idea of wearing simple bands above the knuckle..I’ve never been able to find anything small enough to fit there and wanted to create something with a double banded effect..thus the anchoring with the chain and lower band. I like it worn with big knuckle or stone rings to create a kind of umm finger balance. There’s also a little fang affixed to the chain that you can’t see here…so surreal getting to talk about my own jewelry line!