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the bottom of the world is gold and the world is upside down

30/11/2010, california love

Random shots from the long weekend driving from San Diego to San Francisco and back..spent Sunday packing again (or just..adding more) and now I’m in Tokyo working for the next couple of weeks through my Japanese agency Les Pros. Driving the thousand miles put me in the mood to finally finish On the Road on the plane which left me feeling as titchy small as it always did, and I don’t even mean that in a bad way. Checked into the Park Hyatt Tokyo, which isn’t unlike like an eagle’s nest on top of the city. But that could be the streaming nature imagery playing on the TV here getting to me. Either way, I’m pretty delirious right now and probably have no right to be trying to string words together. First order of business is press all day tomorrow followed by Japan’s blogger awards with Sweet magazine. It’s so nice being back in Tokyo!

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obscure rock song lyrics

25/11/2010, nyc, topshop, vintage, zara

(Zara coat, vintage velvet shirt, Levi’s shorts, Topshop boots, Mulberry bag)

A mix of new and old basics and a teddy bear-ish coat with a scrap of a hood I salvaged from an old jacket for an afternoon in Soho dropping by the Michael Angel studio and lunch at the Mercer Kitchen..I’m back at my parent’s house in San Francisco relaxing for the holiday weekend..happy Thanksgiving!

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not diamonds

24/11/2010, nyc

Some random shots from the Lanvin ♥ H&M show Thursday night. Elin, Gala, Bryan, and I set up our shopping bags in my room at the Four Seasons afterwards to admire our blatant consumerism, breathed for a little bit to recompose from the frenzy before trying everything on and heading out again for a late dinner at Peels. More details and what we wore at here.


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i saw your face in everyone, i swear

23/11/2010, california love, vintage, white dresses anonymous

(vintage coat and fur collar, Society for Rational dress silk dress, Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes, leopard print Mulberry Alexa bag)

Exploring perfect patches of clovers and low hanging branches with Colin…I found the jacket and collar at the same time at a thrift store a couple weeks ago. I’m pretty lazy and most everything I wear is based on things being present at the same time. So I wore them together in a bastardized ode to Vanessa Bruno. With my shiny new bag..I’m so happy with it, it’s sort of busy and simple and satchel-y and being both black and brown seems to go with everything even if it doesn’t.

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dressed up in the afternoon, soho

22/11/2010, mane and tail, nyc, topshop

(Lanvin for H&M dress, Topshop boots)

I have no idea how I managed to fit this dress in my suitcase when I packed it yesterday afternoon to come home to California. Unbelted, it juts out actual feet from the body in a way that makes you sort of pat yourself absentmindedly (I might mean creepily). I ended up getting three pieces from the collection after the show on Thursday night and figured it was worth freezing in it for ten minutes or so outside the Soho Grand since I have no idea when I’ll actually deem it appropriate to wear it again. I’m no Carrie Bradshaw sitting forlornly on a hotel bed in Paris or anything. But definitely a fun dress to wear, apparently at any hour of the day..I especially love the mousy color and nude neckline and general princess-ness going on.

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