(fashiontoast x Dannijo Loveless ring and Siamese rings, Zara dress and belt, bag courtesy of Hope, Jessica Simpson hat, Dolce & Gabbana wedges)

A couple things I tweaked a little – the dress is supposed to be a knee length robe sort of thing but I hiked the oversized sleeves up on my shoulders to give it a curved hem and trashed the matching slip and belt that it came with…then added this metal one that’s actually become a crux of a wardrobe staple. The hat suffered a similar fate since it originally had a horrible felt flower attached to it. Worth all the destruction though, I’ve worn both to death already. Are you guys into it when I actually talk about the clothes?

Took these at the tail end of NYFW with a little bit of a broken spirit. Crappy things happen sometimes. And chapped lips, apparently. All seems a bit distant when I’m here in LA with my favorite New Yorkers though sitting around in the heat and mocking each other endlessly. Got a couple appointments tomorrow and then the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party, should be fun. And it looks like I’m going to San Francisco for a couple days next week so might get some family time in. I’m starting to hear birds chirping outside so I’m thinking it’s time to sleep now though.