I’m working on a project with one of my favorite boutiques Revolve that kicked off on Friday with a shoot in Venice Beach. The relentless gloom was perfect for the fall pieces I chose: chunky knits, velvet shorts, leather leggings, and that awesome scraggly Free People jacket that Abbey Lee wore with like, a nightgown at Paris fashion week.Actually add in one almost non-existent wisp of a thing too, the Dermis dress by Stone Cold Fox. David Rodriguez tried out a couple hairstyles on me that I would never have dreamed up..first it was feathers (we held a pretty serious conference over coffee on what color to use and decided on this very uh “natural” yellow..as in hot pink and turquoise were the other options), then an upward braid-rooted topknot inspired by the hair at Sass & Bide this season. We shot till all the churro stands were closed and cops started barking things at us from SUVs and finished the night off at M Cafe.