Visiting Helene and Steve, the duo behind Lonely Hearts (perhaps better known for their like-no-other cutout bodysuits and bras), is always one of my favorite parts of New Zealand fashion week. They’re so sweet and unassuming, I swear they’re straight out of a fairy tale where it’s all apricot meringues, crisp blue-skied days, and hand knit sweaters.

They let me rearrange (ransack) their entire spring collection so I could photograph the pieces hanging from the jutting bricks in the wall and told me the stories behind them…the high waisted shorts originated in them sourcing this rich red velvet and knowing they just had to use it…the camel sweater was knit by someone’s grandmother, thus the perrfect nubbiness and curved hem. They didn’t get into the leather tap shorts but they hardly need words to accentuate how rad they are. Their designs just make me want to slip into some chunky tall socks and worn leopard print and get lost in a book by a fireplace while semi-singeing my toes. Could be Califormia’s first real day of fall doing my head in too though.