(Free People dress, Alexander Wang Angela clutch, Jeffrey Campbell boots, re-strung Forever 21 necklace)

My friend Kris over at Free People sent me this dress a few weeks ago..along with a note with one of her crazy illustrations taking over most of the page and a description of what inspired her to design it that made me smile hard. Of course I can’t find said note and am kicking myself for losing track of it..but as I remember, it was something along the lines of stranded gothic Pilgrim boys and ancient fishermen (or bored sirens?) sucked into a vortex in the sea (this is all surely 100% wrong). Definitely some ’90s minimalism at play there too. Anyway, I love all henleys. Seriously. Even though when I wore the henley in it’s purest form (Alexander Wang’s thermal long johns…yeah I’m still standing by that one) people got all mad about it on here. But yeah, striped, thermal, sheer, ribbed, oversized, skintight..all awesome when henley-ified. Buttons are a powerful thing. However, a good long dress version has been evading me for so long that I stopped believing in it..imagine my surprise when it showed up on my doorstep. Pretty rad..and kind of weird. Such a good basic to have around.