(vintage top, Lowluv necklace, vintage Levi’s shorts, Jessica Simpson Dany heels, Alexander Wang Angela bag)

I got back from Tokyo yesterday and after failing to stay up with some late afternoon coffee, proceeded to sleep for 15 hours. I woke up so confused. Should it even be possible to do that? Anyway, the trip was rad – my hotel room was about a foot from the Tokyo tower with a view I never quite wrapped my mind around, I met so many amazing people (including ViVi’s Marie who is so sweet!), shot with Elle and ElleGirl in Aoyama, roamed around the city with my lovely booker Jen, went to Le Baron with my friends from Mercury Duo Haruka and Kenji, bought some things for fall (mostly various shades of gross brown tones in leather and velvet), had some exciting meetings that I’ll hopefully be able to tell you more about soon, and brought back an enormous Kapibara-san that my cats really don’t trust.

These shots are from Starlite in San Diego..make sure to stop by if you’re in town, it’s one of our favorite places to waste time slowly.