My love affair with Elizabeth and James’ Stevie jeans continues. I must be on crack because the idea of a burnout top suddenly took on appeal after eons of staying away from the stuff.

I’ve been in LA for the past few days – a couple photo shoots (one of which ended in face paint, coon hats, and Polaroids), two rounds of vegan Thai food, catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen in too long, sharing a dressing room with the boyfriend at Live on Sunset (our joint new favorite brand = Iro…henley for him and a bodysuit for me in the same moth eaten ancient sweats material), trying to look helpful while he replaced doorknobs and put together massive shelving units, frequent caffeine fuel-ups at 7-11, and deciding that a vintage trunk full of shoes is a highly acceptable and much sturdier stand-in for a coffee table. One more meeting before heading back to San Diego…and a week left before we leave for New York!