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float like a butterfly sting like a bee

05/07/2010, california love, neverending summer, sd

(Karen Walker shades, gifted Mercury Duo dress from Japan, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent wedges, Alexander Wang Diego bag)

Summer is all about easy pieces like these..this is a pretty common ‘type’ for a maxi dress but I love the double straps that give way to braided leather at the neck and the fact that it’s completely ruffle-less. Thank you Haruka and Yuka! Also wearing this dissected watch band that I picked up shopping along Takeshita-dori in Harajuku as a necklace.

Wore this for my first outing back at home in San Diego to go get ceviche and Mexican fruit salad..soo good. Tomorrow I pick up the keys for my new place in LA, can’t wait…

Happy 4th of July to my US readers..hopefully it isn’t as cold where you are as it is here tonight.

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hair and makeup by mio

04/07/2010, beauty, tokyo

The hair and makeup artists that I worked with in Japan were so so good that I kind of wanted to steal them away forever. The results were always somewhere between beachy and perfect and I’m finally inspired to learn how to use a curling iron. Maybe it’s because they’re used to working on halfies all the time? I tried to document Mio’s work from the ViVi shoot by the fading light in my hotel room. Seems like there was some kind of smudgy green eyeliner layered over the black..I dunno. Awesome though. Right after this I went out in Shibuya and got caught in the strongest and most sudden downpour I’ve ever witnessed..everyone else in sight was equipped with an umbrella of course.. err the makeup definitely looked better than the hair when soaking wet.

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tokyo skyline + shoes

02/07/2010, shoe porn, tokyo

View of Shibuya at dusk from the Cerulean Tower Hotel and some of the shoes I brought to the ViVi shoot (I got to style all the looks!)…I got the Zara sandal/boot hybrid a couple days ago..there’s honestly a Zara on every other corner here. They’re really comfortable even though no one believes me when I tell them.

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