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center city, philadelphia

14/07/2010, alexander wang, born in the usa, mane and tail, vintage

(Alexander Wang asymmetrical dress, thrifted backless crochet top, vintage mesh bag, Miu Miu clogs)

Finally got a moment to catch up on the internet a bit…Free People has been amazing to work with! I spent Monday styling my looks at the UO headquarters and Tuesday shooting at at the most perfectly imperfect house I’ve ever seen..started out pouring rain and then gave way to oppressive humidity…but it’s all good when you’re working with such great people. Traveling this past month has definitely given me the 90 degree summer that California hasn’t.

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silhouettes and pink clouds

11/07/2010, california love, la, silverlake

(Wish vest courtesy of Revolve, Forever 21 sheer top, Pamela Love and vintage rings)

A few shots from LA this weekend…spent the last couple days moving and trying to divvy up my things so I can get dressed fully at our place in San Diego and up here. This would be painstaking but in a way I find a limited wardrobe more inspiring…same way I enjoy getting dressed out of a suitcase. I’m currently on a flight to Philadelphia sprawled across the slumbering boyfriend and wishing there were more food options on board than a fruit and cheese plate..we’re flying out to work with Free People and he’s going to shoot me for part of the October catalog. Free People always has such beautifully ethereal locations and styling, not to mention the best wispy dresses and boots, and I can’t wait to see what they have planned.

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ny photo diary

09/07/2010, lifestyle, nyc, photo diary, topshop, vintage

June 23-25

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at the dannijo studio

08/07/2010, jewelry, nyc

I was able to stop by to meet the beautiful sisters behind Dannijo in the Meatpacking District while in New York..after weaving through a block-wrapping line for the Apple store (I want one too but I think I can wait a few weeks..) and up a few flights of stairs it was through the door to a light-filled studio…the walls were lined with every kind of jewelry display setup possible dripping with chains and crystals and drawers showing off shield rings and cuffs. The sisters’ different aesthetics (Danni is the more bohemian counterpart to Jodie’s classic sensibilities) combine to create a really particular look to their pieces. My first look at the heavily twisted and embellished necklaces had me picturing them layered over an old tshirt or flimsy vintage dress but I can just as easily see them working with clothing that’s actually supposed to be beautiful. My picks from their site (sorry I didn’t get photos of all of them!) – the Hendrick and Caleb necklaces, Jacinda and Cheyenne rings, and the Sparo cuff. Mostly cause I can picture wearing them anywhere with anything. Which is actually the qualifier for everything I add to my matter how beautiful it is or isn’t.

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up high

07/07/2010, balenciaga, nyc

(Forever 21 headband, Zara top, vintage shorts, Topshop wedges, Balenciaga bag)

I came and I saw. Cannot even describe the specific kind of weird/awesome involved in seeing the Forever 21 campaign all over New York. As in watching the video loop in Times Square or rushing through the subway trying to not be late and pausing for a second to look at the poster or failing to hail a cab with my face on it. My favorite had to have been some guy who started mocking my shirt as I walked by (“Hey you missed the sixties by about 4 decades, honey”) and then quickly did a double take…(“Wait you’re the girl in the Forever 21 video..?! You are, aren’t you!”). So awkward. As for the situation in general…just unbelievable.

Thank you to Dawn, Kira, Linda, Kate, and everyone at Forever 21 that I’ve been lucky enough to work with!

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