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en route

30/05/2010, actually wearing jeans, alexander wang, ankle boots, vintage

(vintage poncho, American Apparel tshirt, Silence + Noise lace corset, gifted Soul Design Lab jeans, Jeffrey Campbell x Free People boots, Pamela Love double cage ring)

Heading to Hapa Izakaya for Japanese tapas before the show..feasted on amaebi, salmon sashimi, and miso eggplant. The consistently almost-raining weather gave me the perfect excuse to wear this blinding fringed poncho I thrifted last month. Suitable for a psychedelic Little Red Riding Hood, and me, apparently. I discovered after I brought it home with me that it’s fully reversible as well..the other side boasts semi-unattractive patchy black faux fur and brass toggles. Toggles are always good in my book.

Want to give an enormous shoutout and a lifetime’s worth of gratitude to Ms. Araki from Elle Girl Japan who gave me (I KNOW…I’m still in a confused daze over the whole thing) an Olympus EP2 camera at the photo shoot at my house last week. I tried to refuse but if you’ve ever tried this tactic against a Japanese person you know it’s most ineffective. It hasn’t left my side since..I’m still figuring out it’s endless options and settings but am already in passionate love with it. I took a picture of Kumo with it and the clarity was so extreme that it looked as if his fur was emerging all hedgehog-like through the LCD screen. Probably the most ideal camera for it’s joint portability and DSLR power..I’ve posted a few shots I’ve taken with it in the past week on genericdream.

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the loden

30/05/2010, life in black and white

ph. Colin

First things first, thank you so much to the Loden hotel for having us..from the entirely windowed wall to the endlessly entertaining floor-to-ceiling sliding doors to the extremely attentive staff, our stay was pretty perfect. A couple photos here from a fitting with Obakki (loved the texture of this body con dress) for the show later that night and the view from the room. Thanks also to my readers for all the restaurant and shopping tips, they were put to as much use as possible.

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back from canada

30/05/2010, ankle boots

Flying over the Golden Gate for a layover in San Francisco earlier today…I’m home from an amazing time in Vancouver in time for Memorial Day at the beach, can’t wait to tell you about it when I’m not in a state of complete delirium.

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black magic

26/05/2010, alexander wang, ankle boots, back to the woods, california love

(Alexander Wang asymmetrical romper courtesy of Forward, Emma Cook x Topshop boots, vintage arrowhead necklace, eBay cross bracelet, Pamela Love rings)

Forward sent me this amazing one-piece…which is somehow more versatile than a skort/romper/elasticated thing should conceivably be. By that I mean a change of shoes takes it from the beach to Trader Joe’s to a night out..though I understand my idea of what makes sense where is anywhere from mildly to completely skewed according to some.

I’m working on packing a suitcase of knits and leather to fly up to rainy Vancouver with Colin tomorrow morning..can’t wait for the Obakki show…their lookbook had me sold in a heartbeat. If you have any tips for what to check out in the city I’d love to hear them..x

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26/05/2010, my photography

I take a lot of random photos that have no purpose here…so I started a separate blog for them…genericdream.

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