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(Forever 21 sweater, secondhand silk shorts, H&M tights, LD Tuttle for Urbn boots)

Colin and I have been in Julian for the past couple days – he used to come here with his family to camp and wanted to show me the closest thing to a quaint countryside that we’ve got. It’s absolutely beautiful – a lot of things like golden light passing through leaves, vintage-y candy stores, what is apparently the best apple pie around, and even a post office that looks like a schoolhouse from the 1800s. I never really think to myself that I want to get away from the beach but it’s definitely a fun change. So far we’ve picked up chocolate covered espresso beans, marinated mushrooms, pistachios, blackberry honey sticks, and apple cider. I’m serious.

I randomly packed this sweater I got a couple years ago, which I’m pretty sure I used to wear as a dress (SO short??) – as you can see, the cowled section has a tendency to change its mind about how it lies every three seconds. Which is probably why I don’t wear it more often…I’m not into clothing that has to be constantly adjusted. Oh well. At least I’m saluting December with my festively red shorts.