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Head games

20/10/2008, inspiration, shopping

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I spent all day yesterday hanging out with Colin’s family, and upon declaring that I wanted to be the Childlike Empress for Halloween I was met with a sea of blank faces. Not a single person could remember the ethereal Fantastican icon? Whatever. My FCUK dress could work, leaving me with the problem of the crazy headpiece. Too bad House of Harlow isn’t out yet, Nicole’s would be perfect. I think I’ll try to get my hands on it when it comes out anyway, it would be just as gorgeous worn casually.

(if you’re as confused as they were you can investigate here)

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Tall tale

19/10/2008, General

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Urbn shirt, customized American Apparel leggings, Colin Stuart boots, E&J ring.

I was taken aback by these boots at first because they are TALL. Almost tall enough to qualify as trousers. After acclimating myself to the cased in feel, I decided this was a good thing. Halfway statements are boring anyway. Thumbs up for comfort, the only problem being how slouchy they are. I’m going to try to get a cobbler to take them in a bit so they look more like this. Then my superhero boots and I will conquer the world.

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California dreaming

18/10/2008, General

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Secondhand blazer, Urbn shirt, Topshop shorts, Old Navy tights, Zara boots, , E&J ring, Korcula and vintage necklaces, RVCA bag

The part of my Topshop order that actually worked out…is anyone else really loving these pseudo-Guccis?

I was going to do an old fashioned “what’s in the bag” post but I swear it’s pretty dull in there – holey white scarf, gray beanie, feathered headband, wallet, Aquaphor, L’oreal Colour Juice, keys, phone. It’s always good to be able to accessorize in two seconds flat. So now I just have a photo of me..near my bag.

And yes I have roots worse than Tori Spelling, but I’m totally putting off going to the crazy salon cause honestly there’s nothing worse than sitting in a chair immobilized for four hours freezing to death. Somehow no matter how much I layer it’s never enough for that place.

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Friday eye candy

17/10/2008, inspiration

(scanned by Berlinrocks at TFS)

Dying over this editorial in November’s Vogue Paris, do I even need to say it’s styled by Emmanuelle Alt?

And thank you to a number of sweet readers that emailed me about the Bakers boots – finally, a knockoff with a decent heel! They’re on their way to me now..and the Topshop leather skinnies I ordered are going to be on their way back to London cause they’re too @#)$(*& big. That they’re so perfectly soft and comfortable only makes the pain worse. Oh well..time to go drink sangria in my leopard print shorts.

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Zipped in

16/10/2008, General

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Zipper harness, designed by Michelle Yue and made by Norwegian Woods’ Angie Johnson, Kain tank, vintage Levi’s jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs boots, vintage blazer.

The second I laid eyes on this zipper harness ingeniously designed by Michelle Yue, I fell in love. Hard. I love that Michelle hatched the idea and enlisted the help of Norwegian Wood designer Angie Johnson to create it – her expertise with zippers seems pretty much unrivaled. I even went so far as to create an account and make my first purchase ever on the fabled Etsy. After a bunch of emailing and anxious waiting, I received a package from her containing the beloved piece, as well as a few other things designed by her and her friends that elicited way too many delighted squeals as I tore back the tissue paper. Thank you to both Michelle and Angie for working together to make this, I couldn’t possibly love it more. Though I did the first run here in a plain white tank, it weirdly looks good with most everything. I’m going to stop raving now before it gets out of control.

Oh and my year-long search for the perfect boyfriend jeans has come to an end. Good thing, it was getting pretty hopeless there for a while.

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