I’ve been in a sorry state the past few days with an energy-draining cold I’ve been grappling with, so when the postman rang the doorbell yesterday I didn’t manage to answer it in time and had to flag him down barefoot in my sick uniform of yoga pants and cardigan. Must have been quite the sight, but I signed for my package and got really excited when I saw that it was from Korea and in magazine form. I tore it open and the editor that had contacted me for the World Blogger feature had kindly marked the page with a Post-it note. It’s quite surreal seeing photos of myself in print (though I can’t decide how embarrassed I am to be wearing the same shoes in almost every photo..heh..), and I’m very honored to be included in this story – so thank you very much Vogue Girl Korea! I was so happy to see a diverse bunch of familiar blogger faces from all over the world, but I won’t ruin it by posting their pages too. I actually haven’t ever been able to look at an issue of Vogue Girl since I never see it for sale anywhere here in the US, but I must say it’s really fun to flip through even though I can’t read a single bit of it.

Now to work on getting better so I can get back to posting outfits and filling the store with all the crazy cool stuff I’ve found lately. And partake in drunken 4th of July festivities, of course.