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So yes I am wearing the same shirt as I did yesterday. Actually, I slept in it so have been wearing it for over 24 hours! Such is the appeal of the boyfriend shirt. Or pretend boyfriend shirt. I am thinking I should clarify in response to recent comments that this is not the “OOH look at my new ____ blog” or the avant garde reference guide (don’t get me wrong I love those blogs too but that’s just not who I am), but instead one where vintage is modernized, the same items are worn over and over again in different ways, and I pose at random in my backyard. And who knows, I might be saving up for the bag purchase of a lifetime. Ooh and Caldwell is coming to town on Friday! Like Santa! Which always means more exciting outfits, one of which will probably be one of the sweetest vintage cutout dresses ever. Think mock neck, full skirt, skintight bodice…mmmm…

AND auctions ending in hours! Click!

Furthermore, today I received the MOST INSANE EMAIL EVER, which if it’s not a crazy joke, might be the coolest thing to ever happen to me. STOKED.

Shirt, Forever21. Lamé bra, American Apparel. Skirt, made by the darling Camille. Bag and sunglasses, vintage. Heels, Aldo.

Side note: nail polish ID to those who asked, it’s OPI’s Chihuahua Bites but I diluted it with some sheer pink stuff a little bit. I know, I’m such a mad scientist.