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I received a certain anonymous request for this Armani Exchange dress, and being one of my favorite dresses ever (and the one in my profile photo!), I happily dug it out of my closet. When I bought it a year ago, I goaded myself into handing over the credit card by rationalizing that I could make it work for the day too. Though it does feel a little dressy even through it’s cotton composition, there are certain measures that can be taken against this. A vintage leather vest is the perfect wtf piece to make it seem less frou frou-y, along with my favorite and most comfortable ankle boots. Then there’s this Forever21 bag that a co-worker pointed out to me a couple weeks ago online…I decided to give it a shot and though I was disappointed that the color isn’t so melon-like in real life and I sort of really wish it had a long strap option (how much is it begging to be folded over and slung across the body??), it’s kind of fun and a cheap way to give orange patent a try. So there’s my overly wordy analysis of this outfit. I’m going to switch out the vest for a black leather jacket to go out tonight but, you know, same idea.

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