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French Connection is always a little bewildering to me. I mean there was a certain point when all of a sudden they had a couple covetable items, which happened to coincide with last year’s messily creative collagey advertising campaign. Maybe marketing just works that well on me, as I ended up purchasing a white silk sequined tunic dress that was pretty overpriced for the quality (sequins now hang by mere single threads) but I suppose I still love it anyway. I’m thinking it’s going to be paired with my fringey bag sometime soon for an ethereal hippie tribute. This dress seems to have redesigned this year and is now available in a potentially completely rad chartreuse.

I find myself once again drawn to one of their pieces this year (maybe this is strictly an annual occurence?), in the form of this “Mayhem Coat”. That huge bow and ridiculous amounts of volume are making my heart flutter. I like the bare legs and heels, and it would be sweet paired with a little white lace or red floral dress, I am thinking. Too bad I refuse to pay that much for what is essentially a glamorized canvas coat. Sigh.