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I’ve been tagged!

Things I am Passionate About

-eating lots of sushi, all the time..oh and mango mochi balls
-spending ludicrous amounts of money on Lula, ViVi, and French Vogue whilst it slowly dawns on me that magazines comprise 98% of the intolerable clutter in my microscopic room
-practicing making dolphin noises
-making my boyfriend watch French movie after French movie and convincing him he loves them
-organizing my mp3s – that includes cover art
-being healthy only sporadically
-Coffee Bean Black Forest Ice Blended

Things I Want To Do Before I Die

-become an awesome stylist
-live in Paris forever
-buy an obnoxiously small but extremely furry dog, preferably one that closely resembles a bear cub
-figure out a way to organize all my shoes that rules
-have real estate in the city, countryside, and beach
-go to Cambodia and Sweden

Things I Say Often

-I hate the ferry
-That smells like a pony…or an eraser
-How avuncular
-That’s older than some dogs
-I need those boots
-Did you say harbage?
-yeah right
-no, I’m half Japanese and half white

Books I Have Read Lately (uhhh..I need to read more..I am thinking I was smarter in college)

-Youth in Revolt (BEST BOOK EVER)
-Net-a-porter notebook (thanks S!)
-Sophie’s World (but then I got bored)

Songs I Could Listen To Over and Over
-Velvet Underground, Stephanie Says
-Jimmy Eat World, Kill
-Arcade Fire, My Body is a Cage
-Bettie Serveert, Lover I Don’t Have to Love
-The Dandy Warhols, Bohemian Like You
-Oasis, Sunday Morning Call
-Our Lady Peace, Thief
-Saves the Day, Freakish

Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends

-the ability to let the day happen to you as it will
-triple piggyback rides
-knowing how to make me laugh when I’m crying
-wearing a fuzzy tiara in public and when someone asks you why, responding with “What tiara?”
-noticing Holden Caulfield said “no one ever notices anything”
-an appreciation of Michael Showalter’s existence
-blasting System of Down while driving through one of SoCal’s poshest neighborhoods, accurately singing every last word (in reference to the human shown below)..though this is kind of the same as the tiara thing
-knowing how to do stuff I can’t
-loving fashion more than shopping

Generally, being this ridiculous:

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Aaaand I suck at tagging, so other people do this too!