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I love it when I end up wearing something that ends up being really weather appropriate for the day, it’s hard to tell what would be best with this microclimate business.

I received these Aldo heels at the beginning of the month and was sort of perplexed in regards to them. I loved the idea, and especially how they look from the back, but my warped mind found the heel to not be high enough. I know, it’s sick. I also think this dress is really long, if that gives you any idea what kind of dementia I am now suffering from. So I tossed them in a room downstairs in a rather cruel manner, to decide their fate at a later point, while showering the other heels from the same order with inordinate amounts of attention. However, this morning I decided in a rush while leaving the house (alllmost didn’t even have time to make my peanut butter and honey sandwich, so frenzied was I) that these felt right and I would officially break them in. I mean, it’s probably good to have a couple pairs of heels that aren’t cripplingly high on hand for prolonged wear sessions, right?

I must say I was quite pleased with them and found them extremely comfortable, probably since I am used to that higher inch-age. A happy ending to a trite tale.

Dress, Topshop. Jacket, H&M. Heels, Aldo. Sunglasses and hat, Forever21. Bag, Anna Corinna.