You can imagine my initial confusion and then inner shriek of delight when I opened an email today from the lovely Monica of Miss at la Playa containing the subsequent images. I have loved her blog for a long time, actually since far before I started my own, it’s always such a pleasure to see what amazing photos she’s gathered and collages she’s artfully arranged and I highly highly appreciate the English translations she makes sure to include (I did go up to Spanish 5 AP in high school but now I can only practice when ordering tacos, sad!). Plus we seem to share a love for all things Zooey, Clémence, and Gemma. I highly recommend a visit, you could easily lose an hour gazing at her amazing posts.

Being that En Vogue is my absolute favorite French Vogue feature (well alongside Une Fille Un Style), I was so honored to have her think it appropriate to do one for me, though I feel quite not cool enough for such a thing, it’s sort of a surreal sight! It’s also fun to see my style through someone else’s eyes, I love the extra accessories she chose for me and would lovingly wear every last one, most notably the YSL star heels!

Entonces muchas gracias Monica, por hacer estas imágenes, eres la más dulce! xoxo