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My new heels! I went a little cutout oxford crazy this weekend, uncontrollably snatching up two pairs, these Aldos (is Aldo the new Nine West, or is it just me? I can’t keep away..) and this pair from..heh..Marshall’s. I am so lowbrow. They’re by Tahari, and I love them lots. I was going to go for these Steve Maddens but then I couldn’t find the white version anywhere online..these and these were contenders too. Obviously I thought about this white shoe thing too much, and should dedicate time to more important thing like going to the gym and folding my clothes. Normally I veer from thinner heels like this but these are somehow extremely comfortable, they seem to mold rather perfectly to my feet. I like how everything in this outfit is the barely there version of a masculine item. Track T, fedora, Levi’s…

People always ask about all the random bracelets I wear..they’re pretty much vintage or from cheap stores like Forever21 (surprise!) or H&M. A couple of my favorites are even from Old Navy. So yeah, not the most exciting response, but there you go! Someday I’ll be rocking those Hermes studded cuffs, I promise. And in regards to questions in general, I’m realizing the urgent need to do an FAQ either in video format if I’m brave enough, preferably with Justin Bobby interviewing me and me holding a ratty hairbrush. If that is just too unlivably embarrassing, which it will be, I’ll just have to dedicate some time to writing it up. So sorry if I don’t always get around to answering all the questions I get, I’m trying to be on top of it! :)

PS new awesome vintage in store..including…THE BLAZER. I figured I didn’t need two. Plus the cutest denim dress you didn’t think you needed.

American Apparel triblend tank (best tank ever..I have one in an XS and one in a M that I switch up depending on my mood haha). Shorts, Levi’s. Hat, Forever21. Heels, Tahari. Bag, potentially faux Chanel, I’m horrible at Chanel authentication.