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Sooo I kind of look like death in this particular series, but what can you do. I tried to distract from that problem with various ridiculous poses. A long day in the city is hardly the means to looking refreshed. I decided to lift the curse on this dress, which I bought last year at H&M for an occasion that turned pretty sour. And I know I’ve kind of been over-wearing these boots, but they’re kind of all I ever feel like prancing around in. I must note that I have never had so many strangers stare at my shoes so pointedly it’s almost awkward, both male and female. Who knows what they’re thinking but it is hilarious. One girl that was running and listening to her iPod actually stopped and, panting, asked me where I got them. I love strangers.

Dress, H&M. Jacket and tights, Old Navy. Boots, Marc by Marc.