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I’ve been going through blogging withdrawals with all the frenzy that comes along with moving..we left early Saturday morning for the long drive through California with my car packed full of, well, mostly shoes. Luckily the boyfriend looks at packing with a certain robotic Tetris-like eye so most of my things were forced to fit one way or another. It turned out to be an insanely picturesque drive, with all the spring wildflowers in bloom and sporadic misty, stormy spots mixed in with the clearest sunshine. But enough of nature, we spent the weekend wandering about the city, visiting friends from college, and attempting to organize my room at my parent’s house where I’m going to be staying until my boyfriend finds a job. Not excited about living back here, I can already imagine the dishwasher drama and all the article clippings my dad is going to give me to read, though I know I’m lucky to have my room still intact and available, ie not converted into a home gym.

T, Urban Outfitters. Jacket, Forever21. Skirt, vintage. Boots, Minnetonka. Bag, Balenciaga.