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Perhaps the most definitive “je ne sais quois” possessing girl ever, Valentine Fillol Cordier manages to charm me every time, hipster over-affiliation and all. She’s hardly drop dead gorgeous, almost plain, but in the best possible, most oddly alluring manner. This makes her both relatable and impossibly chic and I honestly can’t get enough. Her personal style is so distinct that she manages to make every editorial seem like she was the only girl that could have possibly been considered for it..or perhaps it’s that she acts as a muse to stylists and editors so as to form a symbiotic relationship with her magazine work that blends it all together into one big lovely mess. Or it could be her carefree manner and palpable sense of playfulness that makes everything just work. Who knows…I’m going to stop trying to figure it out.

All pics from her thread on thefashionspot.