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Ally Hilfiger! I fell in love with her hippie-dippie-with-a-Birkin routine on MTV’s Rich Girls (why is this not available on DVD? I would totally shamelessly purchase!) and was saddened when I was no longer able to see her in all her headscarfed glory due to the show’s quick demise. Memories of watching her angst-ridden attempt to make a burrito and shopping for candy in a tiara, boa, and aviators stick out most strongly. The girl could almost rival Rachel Bilson for tiny brunette cuteness, and I’m weirdly enthralled by her chipmunky facial structure. Whatever she was doing since her reality TV sting (rehab? eh don’t care), she’s upped the style factor and I find myself lurking in her revived thread at thefashionspot semi-frequently. And can I also say how much I am entertained by the randomness of this quote from nymag?

Ally is a painter. “I do a lot of different versions of the number 8,” she said.


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