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I have a semi-bitter love/hate relationship with Topshop’s website…so many necessary items, but everything is always sold out when I’m ready to click through an order. I recognize that there are worse problems to be had, but still. I’m feeling relatively anguished over the fact that I apparently missed my chance to order the Maggie button-down skirt. How can such a simple item elude me so! And yes I tried on the Urban Outfitters version, and the extra small sat low on my hips, which it was probably supposed to, but methinks the entirety of the allure of this item is based on the fact that it be high waisted.

And the shoes! So many amazing(-ly weird) boots to be had! Just not sure if they’re worth like over $200. But talk about taking hybrid shoes to the level after the next. Quite sassy. Oh, and that’s the back of the dress (top right)…it was more interesting than the front.

Lastly, hmm it seems I am not the only awkwardly pigeon toed poser. I seriously don’t know why I do this, to the surprisingly large amount of people that have inquired. I mean I don’t walk like that or anything but I think it helps me to stabilize when standing still for a photo? Especially in heels? Maybe? At this point it’s so ingrained that it’s almost difficult not to. I tried.

All pics, Obv.