I’ve always loved floral prints with black backgrounds, there’s something darkly romantic (well, and Kate Moss-reminiscent) about the combination. So I was understandably overjoyed to find this little vintage number at an out-of-the-way Norcal Goodwill for a trifling $4 or so. As I gleefully added it to the heap in my basket, my boyfriend blandly commented that it looked like every other random floral dress in there. Though it’s frumpy knee length might have obscured it’s charm, I saw the light and shrugged off his shrewd analysis, taking it home to put my newfound sewing skills to work. A lot of pinning and not too much sewing later and I had my English tea garden dress, complete with a moderate amount of slouch. The triumph was of course topped off by a celebrational cavorting amongst the trees.

Dress, vintage. Coat, secondhand. Socks, AA. Boots, vintage. Ring, F21.