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Neophyte to the blogosphere that I am, I am simultaneously delighted and surprised to be tagged by The Glossy to reveal 7 randoms about the old self. Since I did a bag-unveiling at least semi-recently, I’ll keep this more general.

1. I like to eat everything out of big mugs with long spoons.

2. I am currently horrifically addicted to Nestle peppermint mocha creamer. Don’t worry, I don’t drink it straight (yet), but did stock up since the morons at Nestle have deemed it a seasonal product. If there is no coffee present, into hot chocolate it goes.

3. My boyfriend and I have seen the movie Madagascar (yes, the cartoon about zoo animals) 5 times. Sometimes we dance around at the end.

4. I’m okay with the general concept of socks but can’t STAND to wear them when I’m in the house.

5. I am convinced I can singlehandedly teach my boyfriend French and test him regularly with vocabulary flashcards.

6. I love driving with the windows down and the heater on full blast.

7. I used to live in Tokyo, then Hong Kong when I was little, the latter of which gave me a temporary British accent. I still don’t like to say “tomato” the American way.